Tyler Nevin

Tyler Nevin

The son of former #1 overall pick, Phil Nevin (208 career MLB taters and a career 814 OPS), is a very young at 19 years old, but shows an exciting hit tool with solid power potential. Tyler had a very impressive debut at Rookie League Grand Junction in 2015 after being drafted 38th overall and signing for $2 million. However, the momentum he gained in 2015 lost steam when he blew out his hamstring and missed almost the entire 2016 season (he was 1-1 with a double).

For 2017, the expectation is that the 6’4″ 200 pound Nevin will begin the year at 3B for the Low A – Asheville Tourists. Sitting at 2,000 ft, the McCormick Field serves as an excellent breeding ground for showing a glimpse of what a prospect could achieve at Coors field. If he doesn’t win the job at Asheville, Nevin will start at extending spring training and move on to Short Season A in Boise.

Seeing this very nicely edited video of Nevin from December of 2015 got me very excited and motivated to do some research on this young man. The two baseball prospect industry behemoths, Baseball HQ and Baseball America have some drastically different opinions of Tyler Nevin. Baseball America is quite lukewarm on Nevin and say there a chance he becomes major league average but the risk is extreme. On the other hand, Baseball HQ, is quite excited about him. It is important to keep in the mind that Baseball HQ is the publication that focuses on fantasy baseball (which is why I love their Minor League Baseball Analyst). HQ rates Nevin a 9D (which means they give him a 30% chance of becoming an elite player). They cite Nevin’s above average bat speed, power potential, and plate discipline as the keys to their evaluation.

Nevin has a lot of development ahead of him and he must stay healthy in 2017 to show what he can really do on the ball field. However, his tools, upbringing, and his major league body give him an excellent chance to develop into an above average regular that becomes quite fantasy relevant at Coors Field. ETA: 2020, Comp: DJ LeMahieu.

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